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Important Notice Regarding Broken Blast Door Options for TASER Cartridges

Due to the vast advances in the chemical makeup of plastic hardware and continuous improvements made with regards to the CEW cartridge manufacturing process, effective May 5, 2014, discounted replacement cartridges will no longer be available for cartridges with broken blast doors or broken blast door tabs that have been subjected to field.

Axon will still offer the Blast Door Repair Kit.

Blast Door Repair Kit

The Blast Door Repair Kit contains all equipment and instructions to safely replace a broken blast door in order to recover cartridges for TASER target training purposes.

The price of the Blast Door Repair Kit is $99.95 and includes all equipment and materials to repair up to 50 cartridges. Replenishment kits are available @ $9.95.

Please contact Axon Enterprise Sales at 800-978-2737 or sales@axon.com .

Title: Customer Bulletin

Subject: Broken Blast Doors

Release Date: May 5, 2014

TASER cartridges are designed for the blast doors to break off when the cartridge is deployed to allow for the probes to travel unimpeded to engage the target. The blast doors are attached as securely as possible while still allowing break away upon firing. With the vast improvements made to the chemical formula of the plastics, along with the state of the art automated equipment, blast doors may still occasionally break off prior to firings when subjected to field use.

Although broken blast doors are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, Axon offers a Blast Door Replacement Kit. This kit provides agencies with the ability to adequately remove and replace fractured blast doors that are broken off after delivery. Included in the kit are:

  • repair procedures defining the safety protocols and replacement process
  • detailed warnings concerning the safety risks of not following the procedures when working with cartridges that can deploy unexpectedly when exposed to static electricity
  • enough replacement plastics to repair 50 cartridges.

The repairs should only be completed by a TASER certified instructor or technician.

Effective May 5, 2014 the Axon website RMA page will be changed to include a dedicated section applicable to broken blast doors with a statement that they are not covered under warranty and how to request the Blast Door Replacement Kit.

Thank you very much for your understanding and we appreciate your support.